Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 4 - Serial Number 57, Winter 2018, Pages 1-126 

Research Paper

1. Molecular detection of Theileria equi in dogs from rural areas around Ahvaz

Pages 5-8


Somayeh Bahrami; Alireza Alborzi; Bahman Mosallanejad; Hasan Javanshiri

3. Designing of the expressing eukaryotic plasmid of the G1 epitope of bovine ephemeral fever virus G glycoprotein in human embryonic kidney cells

Pages 19-27


Reza pasandideh; Mohamad Taghi Beigi Nasiri; Masoud Reza Seifiabad Shapouri; Jamal Fayazi; Hedayatallah Roshanfekr; Mohsen Lotfi

8. Histophysiological study of thyroid gland in Liza abu exposed to Musa creek pollution

Pages 74-85


Neda Kousha; Negin Salamat; Mohamad Taghi Ronagh; Abdolali Movahedi Niya

Case report

12. Simultaneous occurrence of strangle and glanders diseases in a mule in Ilam province, Iran

Pages 109-114


Ali Abbas Nikvand; Mehdi Rashnavadi; Nader Mosavari; Roholla Keshavarz; Roholah Delkhah